1. donyatodd:

    Some mooooore doodles whilst watching cartoons all sunday


  2. We have both started to work on a series of drawings together! It’s been a lot of fun. Watch this space!

    -Jack and Donya.


  3. muggyebes:

    Cool cat with a cool cat shirt.

    Why don’t you go buy one so we too can be mortal foes?

    The amazing Muggy Ebes, representin’ with our ‘Huggin’ it’ t-shirt!



  5. The Tiny Tiddlers by Jack.


  6. donyatodd:

    One of the new paintings I’ve been working on


  7. jackteagle:


    A collection of mini acrylic paintings


  8. donyatodd:

    I’m helping out with 4 evenings of workshops at the Plymouth College of Art this March! For more info you can find the page here : https://www.facebook.com/events/365702596903610/ 
    Join Camp CBSP and see you there <3

    Camp CBSP 4 eva


  9. chubbytown:

    Sending out these badboys with the first shipment of Chubby tees today! Wanna be our valentine too?

    Free Valentines drawing for ur sweetheart with every Tee <3 



  10. The great folks over at Black Hook Press translated our Hungry comic into Japanese!